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The Interpretation & Translation Centre was founded in 1988. The owner of the Interpretation & Translation Centre is Mrs Jenny Kantartzi-Lousta, a translator-interpreter who graduated from the Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich.

At the time the Centre was founded in Thessaloniki, there was a great need for professional interpreters. Up to that point, all needs were covered, at best, by interpreters who had to travel from Athens or by individuals who were not at all versed in interpretation but simply spoke a foreign language well. Results were often disastrous. Even if some sense could be made of the interpretation at socio-political conferences, audience members at medical or exceptionally scientific conferences would laugh their hearts out. Thus, the prevailing view was that there was no such thing as high quality interpretation.

This was precisely the view that I wished to topple by creating teams of specialised interpreters. My associates and I had to struggle greatly. At first, we were treated with reservation, but slowly and with a lot of study and hard work, we achieved what seemed impossible. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those who trusted me back then. Today, we are being invited to cover medical and scientific conferences held throughout Greece.