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At present, the Interpretation & Translation Centre works with 55 interpreters and 70 translators, covering all languages. For me, collectivity was an important ingredient for success. Thus, I convinced my associates that the hard work of interpreting could only be successful in the time allotted if we worked collectively. My goal was to create teams of specialised associates with whom I would work on a permanent and exclusive basis.

What does this mean for the office, the interpreter and, of course, the conference organiser, who is the final recipient of the service provided?

The office does not need to desperately seek interpreters at the very last moment, as is common in Greece. We are aware at every moment of who will work where. There is a organisation chart for each individual associate.
This is also an advantage for clients, who, having assigned us work in the past, can choose the interpreter or translator they prefer by name.
It also benefits the associated translators and interpreters, who only have to focus on the task of translating or interpreting, since the entire managerial and economic burden is covered by the office as an enterprise.

These goals were set at the very start and the Interpretation & Translation Centre has come to be one of the largest interpretation and translation offices in all of Greece.
At present, the Centre consists of five main sections:
- The conference interpretation section
- The translation and editing section
- The transcription section
- The typing section
- The technical coverage section